Automate your telephone jobs with DELIGHT Assistant.

High volume inbound/outbound/multilingual support.

We do all the setting work for you.

You don't have to worry about answering the phone anymore.

Three reasons to choose

Surprisingly low cost

Whether you're new to the site or just trying it out, you don't have to worry about the cost. You don't even need a dedicated server.

Incoming, outgoing, transfer and recording are all possible

AI phone answering that can be implemented in a few days. A highly scalable cloud service that combines the latest technology from the US and Europe. More than 20 languages are available!

If the AI is unable to answer, the call can be transferred to a human.

Omni channel Use

Centralized management of FAQs is possible.
It supports not only phone calls, but also multi-channel voice response such as web chatbot, facebook messenger, and smart speakers in stores and facilities. No need to record with the instantaneous reflection of a synthetic voice.

Drastically reduce the workload of answering the phone.
AI Telephone Answering Service

DELIGHT Assistant is a pure cloud solution based on advanced technology.
The AI hear the user's voice, and if the pattern can be answered in the FAQ, the AI will answer the question as it is.
If the question cannot be answered by the AI, it connects to the call center or the person in charge and acts as a primary filter.

It is ideal for improving the efficiency of your call center as it provides a low-cost, primary reception of inquiries and procedures and automated voice response with the same scenarios.
It can also respond to a flood of calls from customers and residents due to service disruptions, disasters and COVID-19.

The process is easy! You can start in a few days.

For companies and offices

Voice recognition of phone calls to email, chat and SMS

AI can listen to the information that a person answers the phone and notify the person in charge.
Real-time notifications via email or chat, as spoken by voice recognition.
There is also a system that automatically reads out emails, so you can check the content of your inquiry immediately.

Eliminate the need to make phone calls, so you can focus on your core business

Do you have a lot of work to do, but the primary phone call is taking up a lot of your time?
You stop your work to get to the right person in the right department for a couple of minutes for each call, but if you get 30 calls, you've spent an hour.
With a Delight Assistant that can automate your calls, you can spend that time doing your job.

AI will automatically answer the most commonly asked questions.

DELIGHT Assistant understands the intent of spoken questions and automatically answers them by voice.
This is a great solution to the common problem of repetitive human responses to questions and inconsistent responses from different staff members.

For shops and restaurants

Primary handling of telephone orders and reservations

You will be free from answering the phone while cooking and serving customers. No more staff training on the phone.

A DELIGHT Assistant will listen to your business on behalf of the store manager or staff and send order information and reservations to a representative's email or chat.

The system allows for 24/7 phone reception, reducing lost opportunities during nights and holidays.

Plus, with Checker Plus for Gmail, only certain new emails will be read aloud to you, with the sender, subject line and content, so it's very convenient!

At peak times, even with a shortage of staff, you don't miss a call.

When a call comes in to a dedicated phone number, the AI listens to the customer's request and forwards the call to the store manager or staff. If the caller cannot answer the phone due to other reasons, or if no staff is available to answer the phone, the system automatically transfers the data from the caller's call to the staff.

The data is immediately available from anywhere and at any time, and calls are returned to the customer, ensuring that no orders are missed, even during busy times when the customer is unavailable to take the call. If the AI is unable to answer, the call can be transferred to a human.


Support for languages other than English

In addition to English, Spanish, French, German and Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Hindi and Indonesian languages are also available!

We can also respond to inquiries from overseas customers.

For languages not listed here, please contact us.

Achievements / Users' Comments

Miyajima Marathon
(Sports Event Office)

At marathons event office, we may receive many calls with the same kind of question during the flurry of activity a few days before the event. We know that many people don't look at the website.

We get a lot of questions like, "When will I receive my race bib in advance?", "Where can I leave my luggage?".

The automatic answers were very helpful and allowed us to focus on my primary preparation tasks.

A company
(Service Industry)

Although our company is currently not hiring recent graduates, we have been receiving phone calls asking, "May I speak to the person in charge of hiring recent graduates?" Furthermore, whenever we issue a press release, we immediately start receiving telephone calls soliciting advertisements, but because we can let the AI handle those calls, they do not disturb our business, and we can concentrate on our work.

B Company
(Systems Development)

We use platforms such as AWS(Amazon Web Services) to develop web systems for our customers. While we do conduct some system monitoring, of course, we also need to process telephone requests from our customers, and so we handle messaging through AI instead of mobile phones. Because we can receive messages via Slack, we have been able to speed up the process of passing on such information to our developers.

Our Customer Success Team is here to help you.

Onboarding support

Our consulting team support your on boarding process.
For example, target date to start our voice bot service. Than we would support you to prepare plan and FAQ data to start on schedule.

Operation Support

After service started, we have meeting with you for better operation and going to next step.


  • First reply with in 1 working days.
  • Support to reduce your telephone operation.
  • Reporting as agreed previously.
  • Support recording by actual human voice

API Integration support

We support the integration of APIs with your company's internal systems, such as CRM and EC sites, and the integration with external APIs.

This makes it possible to link to the EC site and respond to the customer's purchasing status, such as delivery status.

Pricing Plans

Minimum plan is available for 2 weeks free of charge.

  • Type

    Annual plans

    • Initial Cost
    • Type
    • FAQ(senario)
      FAQ is set of frequently asked question and answer.
    • Dedicated phone number
      (In 50 countries)
    • Choice of AI Voice

    • Monthly incoming calls
    • Concurrent
      inbound calls
    • Call transfer
    • Recording data storage period
    • # of post-processing
    • White list
    • Black list
    • Staging environment
    • Standard
    • Custom
    • Integration
    • Additional payment to change FAQ

    • Support

      No additional fee. 24/365 support by AI. And reply by human in maximum 5 working days.

      Ask sales.

    • Option

      Omni channel From USD$300/Mo each
    AI take phone calls and notify you via email.


    For calls with a lot of similar content.


    • US500
    • Inbound

    • 30

    • Yes

    • Male or female

    • 300

    • 20

    • No
    • 3 days

    • 1

    • Yes
    • Yes
    • No

    • Yes

    • No

    • Only mail

    • Up to monthly 3 changes included

    • Basic

    • WEB
      Smart Speaker

    For office or middle size contact center.


    • US1,500
    • Inbound

    • 100

    • Yes

    • Male or female
      (tuning available)
    • 1500

    • 30

    • No
    • 14 days

    • 1

    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes

    • Yes

    • No

    • Only mail

    • Up to monthly 10 changes included

    • Basic

    • WEB
      Smart Speaker

    Automation with API integration.


    Click here
    • Ask
    • Inbound/Outbound

    • Ask

    • Yes

    • Male or female
      (tuning available)
    • Ask

    • Ask

    • Yes
    • Ask

    • 5

    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes

    • Yes

    • Yes

    • Yes

    • Ask

    • Premium

    • WEB
      Smart Speaker


    Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

    Q. If I receive a call to one phone number at the same time, can the AI handle it at the same time?

    A.Yes. If it's the amount of calls you receive, it's no problem. If it is more than that, please consult us separately.

    Q. Can the call be transferred to a human when the AI do not there with an answer?

    A.Yes. About prices, please ask sales because it depend on estimate number of monthly call transfer.

    Q. Can the voice in AI speak faster or slower?

    A.Of course it is possible. If you get a lot of calls from elderly people, they often ask you to speak slowly; IT companies often ask you to speak at normal speed or faster.

    Q. What do I need to prepare in advance to start? Do I need to prepare my phone number in advance?

    A. You will need the data with the FAQ (answers to questions) in Excel or other formats. We can prepare the data for you for an additional estimate. We will provide a phone number for you to call, and we will ask you to forward the call from your company's number.

    Q. Do I need to buy hardware to get started?

    A. No need, it's a 100% cloud-based system.

    Q. Can I change the voice of the AI?

    A. It is possible. You can choose between male and female voices. With the Pro plan or higher, you can adjust your speech speed.

    Q. Can you notify more than one email address for a message?

    A. It is possible.

    Q. Is it possible to change the greeting depending on the time or day?

    A. Sure. If you use enterprise plan, possible. Please call +81-3-4588-9109 in the morning or afternoon to hear different greeting. 

    Q. Can DELIGHT Assistant work with SMS?

    A. Sure. It is also possible to send a response after receiving an inquiry. Also It is possible to send an SMS when an outgoing call is made. 

    Q. Is there a standardized form of guidance or call flow (template)?

    A. We have some simple ones. Please contact us for more information.

    Q. Is your security ok?

    A. We are certified ISO 27001(ISMS) Certification which is one of the most famous security management systems. For more details, please check here.

    Q. Is there a minimum subscription period?

    A. We have a minimum of one year of service. Trial period and free plans are also available.

    Q. Why you have free plan for one year? 

    A. From beginning, we do not have free plan. But we found that it is not easy to explain how AI telephony bot works only by words. So we decided to provide free plan for user to experience our service. It is promotional invest for us to make AI telephony bot more polular. Since our finacial resouse is limited, free plan is available for 100 companies.

    Q. Do you have a plan for NPOs and academies? 

    A. As a plan for NPOs and academies, the free plan, which usually lasts up to one year, is free for the second and subsequent years. Also, if you request it, we will review your request and may offer a higher level plan for free. For more details, please contact us after applying for the free plan.

    Q. What is enterprise plan? 

    A. The plan is customized plan based starter or professional plan with "record option", "transfer call option" , "outbound call option" or "API integration option". it become cheaper than professional plan in case your base plan "starter" in most cases.

    Start your free 14-day trial of DELIGHT Assistant.

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